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Dave_7Hi Feb 2, 2004 6:04 PM

Camera bags for 7Hi
For EVERYTHING I have a generic, big, square camera bag. For short hops I have a Lowepro PhotoRunner fanny pack that will hold the camera, extra lens, manual, batteries, tripod, remote release and some filters easily.
For my main setup I have a standard backpack. In the car on the way to a trek I have a Lowepro Nova Micro to hold the camera - and it goes into the top of the back pack. If I'm just going for a day hike - when I get out of the car the camera comes out of the bag and around my neck, and then there is space at the top of the backpack for my jacket which will undoubtably come off later. All the accessories go into the backpack including tripod, etc.
I wish I had a fabric - form fitted bag or cover to go around the camera when it is around my neck - when hiking. OR something like the older 35mm cameras had- a leather case that slips off the lens in a hurry.

Regards, Dave
Minolta 7Hi and almost every accessory possible <smile>

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