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Default E203 & E223 which is better? what's the diff?

Hello, basically the subject says it all. Which is better? And what are the main differences?

I'd appreciate any feedback... :roll:
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I'm really curios about this too...

I'm torn between the Minolta E223 (E223 manual) and the Fuji FinePix 2650.

The 2650 has of course been getting rave reviews. I can get a better price on the E223 though plus I like the E223's specs on paper. But I have no idea how it fares in the real world: image quality, accuracy of optical viewfinder etc.

The negatives on the 2650 for me are: slow download from cam to PC (~100kb/s), no portrait, landscape etc. modes, no video out, no good external controls (have to do everything in the menus).

The negatives on the E223 for me are: cant adjust lcd brightness, 8mb internal mem (thats fine but no card comes w/ cam!), uses SD/MMC.

I really want to get the E223, but I have no idea whether it's a good piece of kit or not, and if the image quality is good... After all if the pictures suck it's pretty useless.

Anyway, please anyone share info on the E223, any chance it'll be reviewed here soon?

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Default Sent mine back already.. would not reccomend it to others

I bought the camera and returned it a day later.

To me it felt very cheaply built.. something I wouldnt have expected. The pictures were overly bright colorwise (not in a good way at all) and the quality seemed.. eh.. not really what I would expect froma 2 MP camera.

As for how it felt.. felt like a toy, not like a serious camera at all. And the delay between taking one picture and waiting to take the next was unbarable. I was so used to how quick my Dimage X was I was ready to throw this thing against the wall the wait was so long.

So in conclusion to this little rant.. the camera is not a good choice. Stick with something else. I returned mine and went with a Canon Powershot A60. It may be $40 but it is well worth it.

Any other questions feel free to post. I only had the camera for about a day but I tried it long enough to be turned off by it.
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Hmmm, thanks LordJezo. :P

No, I guess I don't have any more questions, you've covered the flaws pretty clearly IMHO.

I'm quite surprised to hear just how bad it is though! When I have a chance, I'm definitely going to check it out in person at a store (and perhaps laugh at it and point fingers. ).

Thanks, you've been a great help.

(If this camera ever gets reviewed widely it'll be interesting to see how it's judged.)
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