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I have been using my F300 for about 2 years. It's a great camera for it's size and the picture quality is terrific. However the darn thing goes through batteries like crazy. I have used all different quality batteries in thiscamera including rechargeable and it does not seem to make much of a difference. I can barely make it through 1 memory card befor the batteries go dead. It appears that the power consumption has become worse as the camera gets older. Has anyone else experienced this?Any suggestions?
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I own (owned since it has now been stolen) an F200 and experienced similar battery problems. Have you tried the following:

Using the maximum mah rated batteries you can buy? I used energiser 2300 which eat the supplied sanyo 1600 for breakfast.

Use 3 minute power save feature, or 1 minute if you can stand it.

Turn the LCD off when you are not using it (It seems to be the cullprit for the battery drain) and use the 3 minute standbye mode, lightly press the shutter button to wake it up, and switch the LCD back on. Rather than turning the camera on and off from cold each time.

Turn off tracking focus and all un neccesary features.

Running the batteries all the way down before recharging.
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