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Phranque Mar 6, 2006 2:59 AM

If you have unintentionally deleted or formatted pictures, videos or sound files on your data carrier or have pulled it out during a write operation, no matter - PC INSPECTORâ„¢ smart recovery can easily, quickly and absolutely reliably reconstruct the lost data.
For this and other equally useful FREE progs go to:

Quite reasonably they leave the door open for you to donate to their efforts, but you don't have to do this. Anything is acceptable, however.

I just downloaded and used their file recovery program - I accidentally deleted a complete FOLDER full of my 'masterpieces' and was ready to jump off the nearest cliff. I even compounded the error by by-passing the Recycle Bin! Within a couple of minutes I had the folder back again. Convar deserve a medal and our support, I think.

I would recommend that downloads are done now rather than when trouble arises in that the less you do to your hard drive after an 'accident' and before starting the recovery process, the better.

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