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SteveZ Jan 30, 2003 4:47 PM

Filters and White Balance
I've started experimenting with polarizing and ND (graduated) filters for my D7Hi. Which White Balance settings are recommended with these filters? I've been using Auto WB and Custom but can't really see much of a difference in the end result.

Albertdebruijn Jan 31, 2003 1:29 AM

White balance is not really related to use of these filters.
Polarizing filters remove glare like seen on windows or on sunny days. Using a polarizing filter in non-glary environments will not have any effect - i.e. you don't see anything! Check out for some examples.

A grey grad filter will simply darken a part of the scene. You can use this (for example) to darken the sky of a sunset or sunrise allowing you to shoot at a longer exposure. This longer exposure will let pick up details in areas that would be too dark if you metered agained the brighter sky without the filter.

Check out Happy shooting.

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