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Befor I'm buying The Z3 camera.. i HAve one more question..

I noticed that the images that taken from the Z3 more red from other cameras,,


picture that takken from THe Panasonic DMC-FZ20

Picture That takken from Minolta Dimage Z3

You can see clearlywhat i talk about ... if you wiil look on the grass in the 2 pictures..

Photo was taken at the same time as the Panasonic DMC-FZ20.

This problem on all Minolta Z3 cameras? it can be fixed?

Thank You all and I hope that you understand my poor English!

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This may sound easy, why don't you adjust the the red cast in the native program the camera comes with. I use photoshop to correct the yellow cast in my digital camera.
In regards to you poor english, I wish some college/highschool grads could speak like you write. Ole to you amigo if your learning english. -cheers
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I just reviewed the pictures which I have. None have the blue tint or red tint or yellow tint that some people have complained about.

Should you have a slight blue tint in your outdoor pictures, you should get a skylight filter (and the adaptor ring). This should eliminate the problem. As for the other tints, try using the other modes, namely manual. You can change shutter and aperture settings to what you deem as accurate and take a few pictures. Review the pictures in store. Try to take some pictures outside or have the salesman take the pictures, if they're not the trusting type. Examine these pictures. If they seem okay to you, then the camera is okay.

The auto-mode is somewhat unrealiable since it constantly changes settings. The pictures will seem inconsistant because the camera is working through a mathematical forumla to determine the best settings.

Aperture and shutter modes give you more control over your camera, though you need to know what kind of picture you want.

I find manual mode reminds me of my high school days, taking a photography course. Then, we still used a light meter. I found my old light meter and used it to determine manual settings for my Z3 and the pictures seem better (accurate) than auto-mode.

In short, test the actual camera you are going to buy at the store. Make sure you know the return/exchange policy. Take it home. Take lots of pictures.
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WHere the Pictures ? :?:
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