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DOUGLAS Apr 21, 2003 1:13 AM

FINALLY gettin' on board with a digicam!!!!(s414)
Been studyin' digi's for almost a year; and now it's time.

My "Full Monte" will be ordered tomorrow.

Caveats, concerns, criticisms and suggestions all welcome.

s414 - $309

Sandisk 6in1 2.0 - $29

JASC Ann. Ed. - $17 (after 2 $30 rebates)

Delkin 128mb - $66 (2 cards)

Oh; and thanks for reading.

It ain't always so simple. Only got to order camera and cards.
Computer doesn't handle usb 2.0, and a rebate expired. Oh, well...

Found what SEEMS to be a good, free software:Orien Gold v2.6
Gonna pick up a Sandisk reader locally; still excited.

Hawkeye12 Apr 21, 2003 5:14 AM

you picked a good camera, and will surely enjoy yourself a lot with it.
i have a Canon DSLR system, but enjoy the heck out of using the 414.
only other thing you will want to get is a couple sets of Nihm batteries and charger.

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