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Default Folders D7i

just in case there are 1 or 2 of us who hadn't noticed if you set your folder name to default as the date form each passing day the camera creates a new empty folder. the camera then files that days shots in that folder. this makes "what day did i shoot this on" easier instead of hitting the exif data. works good for me. just thought i'd say something about it. have a nice day. plus you can download the whole batch each in it's own little neat numbered folder.

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Default Changing folders

I noticed that reviewing pictures taken before the current day is quite clumsy. You need to go to setup-mode, change the folder to the date of the pictures you want to review, switch back to replay mode (or record mode + quick view). After reviewing, you have to follow the same procedure in reverse to make the current date folder active before you can shot again.

Or am I missing something?
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Jacques Roumimper

Have you try the memories setting? (I haven't), but it seems like the camera remembers everything else includind raw/tiff and high speed/timer... I'll try tonight, but i have the feeling this would do it for you as well (ie assign one memory to one folder, and another to a 2nd memory location)
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Has anybody figured out the naming for these? I use this which is great, but it puts something befor the date part of the folders. ex. 10220714 was on 7-17 but year? and what is the 1022?
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