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Willyjeen Aug 15, 2004 9:39 PM

I have had my A1 since April. During that time I've been very happy with it.

Ever since I bought the SanDisk Ultra II 256 Mb card, I've had nothing but troubles with my A1.

I'm curious. Is it my Camera or the Card or a Combo?

When I first bought the card, I put it in the camera and it did not recognize the card. I got mad at it and waited a few hours. When I went back to the camera it had done a 360 and decided to now recognize the card. I never did understand why it did this, so I thought it was just a one time fluke.

However, last weekend I shot a full card at a baby shower. At the end of my shooting the camera froze up and I had to take the battery out to get the camera to even turn off.

Upon returning home I went to download the pictures and the camera did not recognize the card. I was able to take the card out and put it in my (much cheaper) Canon Elph and retrieve the pictures. Thank god for that!

However I have tried to put 2 separate cards into my A1 and neither of the cards are recognized on my Minolta. Both cards are recognized on my Canon.

I can't even get to the menu option to reformat the card.

Am I going to have to call Minolta to troubleshoot or has this happened to anyone else?



Aug 16, 2004 12:52 AM

Hmmm...although, it sounds like an error that could be caused by turning off (or trying to remove the card) before the camera buffer had finished writing, it may be a camera malfunction. I would give Konica-Minolta a call about it: Phone: 201-574-4000

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