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kracken Jul 18, 2004 1:25 AM

I have the opportunity to acquire a g500 less the usb connector and the charger. Any idea of where to get those items on the most cost effective basis would be appreciated. Also, best place for compatable batteries?

kracken Jul 18, 2004 1:31 AM

NEWBIE ERROR - Sorry it's a G400 NOT a G500.

JimC Jul 18, 2004 8:19 AM

Some of the Ebay vendors sell chargers that will work. They also includea cigarette lighter plug adapter for use in a vehicle (the Konica-Minolta chargers don't have this feature).

Any charger designed for the Konica Revio KD-310z, KD-400z, KD-410z, KD-420z, KD-500z, KD-510z; Minolta DiMAGE G400, or G500 will work.

Ditto for batteries (the Konica DR-LB4; Minolta NP500 or Minolta NP600 should work). Although, I'll warn you, some generic batteries seem to have a problem with fitting too tight in the camera. I've seen some users need to file them down a little to get them in and out easily (probably because the generics tend to be rated with a slightly higher capacity).

The correct factory battery is the Minolta NP-600.

As far as the USB cable, I can't help you there. I can tell you that the factory USB cable has some kind of RF Suppressor (or power suppressor) inline, so third party cables may not be compatible.

I'd probably just buy one of the multi-card readers for it, versus using the USB Cable for transferring photos. A card reader is going to be MUCH faster than transferring the images from the camera anyway.

Lexar, Sandisk, and others nowhave USB 2.0 multi-card readers that will work with both Memory Stick and Secure Digital Media. Steve has some reviews of popular models under his Accessories Reviews menu. Here is one for the Lexar USB 2.0 multi-card reader:

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