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Default G500 Shutter Speed

I purchased the G500 a couple months back and have recently been having issues with shutter speed. Not sure if I messed things up when playing with options. When I try to take a picture it now takes like 3 seconds to take the picture after pressing the button. I remember it being much faster when I first started using it. It takes this long even when red-eye, day/night and related onscreen options are all off. Any ideas how to make the shutter speed more quick? I have also tried changing the picture quality to lowest settings and normal.
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If you have 3 seconds shutter delay outside on a sunny day then you have a problem with the camera. Contact Konica/Minolta for service. I donít think there is any setting that will affect that as most of the delay is focus.

Your camera should take a picture within about 1 second of pushing the shutter in good light. If you use the shooting method recommended by most manufacturers and half depress the shutter until you get an indication of focus lock, your delay should be only 1/5 second in all lighting conditions to take the shot when depressing the shutter all the way.

If your problems are indoors with flash shots the camera just doesnít have enough light or contrast to focus. Pre-focus and the delay will be back to 1/5 second. I often pre-focus on something the same distance as the target with better light or contrast. The difference in ambient light wonít make a difference in a flash shot.

Another option is to use the zone focus. Shutter delay should go down to about a half second if you have the camera in manual focus.
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Hopefully, you mean cycle time (time after taking a photo, before you can take another one), versus autofocus lag/shutter lag.

Otherwise, something is very wrong!

Anyway, to speed up cycle times, go to Setup, Quick View and make sure it is turned off. If this option is on, it will display the last photo taken for much longer (which slows down the cycle time considerably). I think that the camera may even default this way (Quick View on versus off), so this could be your problem. The name is misleading. When Quick View is turned on, the camera is much slower.

Also, go into Setup, Custom and turn on Continuous. This will give you fast repeat photos by holding the shutter button down.

For some tips on General Use, Camera Settings, etc., see the 24-Jan-2004 19:11 forum entry (scroll down to this date/time below the photos) at http://www.pbase.com/jcockfield/konica_kd510z
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