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I am looking at getting a new 512mb SDcard for my g600 camera. I have been looking all over for something that specifys the max write speed for the camera. I would like to know if the picture taking speed would be increased by the faster memory. I am definatly not concerned with the read speed. I dont care how long it takes to send them to the computer, I just dont want to missa good shot!... So, if the picture speed is not increased at all I may aswell stick with the slower cheaper memory.

Also, are the write speeds on this camera different for the SD and MS cards? Im will to buy either if it will help ..


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The ONLY Secure Digital Card in 512mb sizetested for use in the G500 by Konica-Minolta is the Panasonic Card (which happens to be rated at 10mb/second). In the G600, one series of Toshiba SD Cards is also supported in 512mb size.

BTW, Simpletech SD cards in 256mb and 512mb sizes use the same components as the Panasonic Cards.

No, it's not going to be any faster. However, with the older G500, sometimes slower cards in larger sizes tend to be very unreliable (causing very slow startup times, intermittent file corruption, memory errors, etc. -- usually followed by a failure of the cards to format when users get a "bad one").

I have never seen a report of anyone having a problem with a Panasonic or Simpletech Secure Digital Card in the G500. However, I've seen numerous reports of users with problems trying to use other brands (i.e., Sandisk Standard Cards in larger size; or brands using the same type of components used by Sandisk Standard Cards - since many other brands are using the same components).

Konica-Minolta used to approve the Sandisk SD cards in sizes through 128mb in the G500 (with specific warnings that the Sandisk 256mb card may cause the camera to malfunction with errors), but they have recently removed all Sandisk SD cards, in all sizes from the list of tested cards for both the G500 and G600 (although they do still have some of the small MMC cards from Sandisk listed).

Note that the Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Card in 512mb size is approved for use in your G600 (but not the Sandisk Secure Digital Cards).

Here is the list for the G600:


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I have been using a 256 San Disk memory card in my g600 with no probelms. Guess I was lucky.. I was just going to buy a San Disk 512 also.

Thanks for the info..

Just wondering, is there no standard as to how the SD memory is manufactured? I mean when purchasing ram for my computer, they state the speed. Usually if you buy a PC133 memory stick, it will work in your PC133 compatible computer..

Why is this not so with SD memory?

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I have a Sandisk 256 and a Extreme 512

Testet the Extreme yesterday and its like 7 times faster in a cardreader (~6 MB/s Revoltek) than with my Z3 (~800KB/ s)
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