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Default Grey market A1?

I just ordered a new Minolta A1, the sales rep says it is Minolta USA. I ordered it from Family Photo, aka Abes of Maine. After I ordered it I heard rumors that venders sometimes send out grey market cameras. The package has two SKU numbers one for the grey and one for USA. How can I check to be sure it is USA when it gets here?
Thanks, Calvin
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I'd be worried -- Abes of Maine has a terrible reputation and has had it for many years.


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Default It is a Minolta USA camera.

Family Photo is AKA Abes of Maine. THe Camera is a Minolta USA, I called Minolta to verify it. They checked the equipment list and SN . It was the useal deal from familty photo, a camera at a good price and the same presure to buy batterys and lens and filters etc. Overall a good deal.
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I'd like to relate an experience I share with my photography students.
Years ago I shopped one of the top new york mailorder (before the internet) camera stores. While inquiring about a certain lens I was interested in the sales person assured me this lens for the price quoted included the USA warranty. After calling some other stores I called back the above store and ordered the lens for the price quoted. When I received the lens there was no warranty card so I called the store . The sales person said that for the price I had paid it was for the grey market lens. I stated that I specficlly asked for a lens with a USA warranty. After going back and forth for a couple of minutes I was getting nowhere. The salesperson steadfastedly refused a USA warranty on the particular lens I had bought. I remember thinking "I've got to do something fast here" so I informed the sales person that I was an instructor with the Clveveland Photographic Society (2nd oldest camera club in the united states) School of photography. I also told her that one of the classes included recommendations on who we considered were the "reputable" new york mail order houses. I informed her that I would no longer be able to recommend this store to my students. WOW!! What a change of tune she had. She said that they certainly wouldn't want that so if I would return the lens I had recieved they would send out a lens with the USA warranty. The point is that even the best of the new york stores can be a problem at times, so be careful when dealing with new york and other questionable online vendors.
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There's a camera store in almost every town that will sell the "RIGHT STUFF" for slightly more than Internet prices. By the time a person pays shipping on an Internet buy, the buy is not so good. Especially if you have a problem or need advice. I pay the extra and buy from my local, reputable camera store. The little extra I pay pays off in peace of mind.
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I would highly recommend www.onecall.com . They are a local store here in Spokane Washington that has been around a while. Their brick & mortar name is Huppins HiFi. They always have good deals and are willing to negotiate if not. I have purchased several items from them and have had great support when needed.
I almost purchased a Dimage 7 a couple years ago from a New York vendor but cancelled the purchase after finding out about grey market products. onecall is strictly USA and legit.
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