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stormid wrote:
yeah i read that thread too but one think i dont understand: as you said older cams had less mp and therefor brighter lenses and more space within each photosite.. why do they even bother to get more mp in the same sensor?
why dont they just enhance the existing? eg features size energyoptions and so on.. because if the picture quality is just fine for normal prints why try to go backwards? i really dont get it
do you know what the biggest sensor today is? is 2/3" the biggest? or are there cams with more?
Well, not all older cameras had brighter lenses, but some did. A brighter lens must be a little larger, so you don't see as many cameras with a lens brighter than f/2.8 now. That's because most new models are smaller.

As for the resolution of the sensors, you can get a little more detail from 5MP, versus a 4MP, but you're not going to be able to see any difference at print sizes through 8x10" IMO.

However, it's a "megapixel war". Consumers always think more equals better, so manufacturers oblige them.

No, 2/3" sensors are not the biggest. They are very tiny compared to the sensors used in Digital SLR models. That's why a Digital SLR can shoot at much higher ISO speeds with lower noise levels and better dynamic range. The two least expensive DSLR models now are the Canon Digital Rebel (EOS-300D) and the Nikon D70.

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so i finally got me w1 today.. really good looking and f***ing small
but i experience blur as many user... but its just about every time the "shaky-hand-symbol" comes up and i get no "green" on focus.. so i think its my fault (stil learing all the features... but if the focus is alright the pictures are really nice... although i doubt focus length is 6cm as its in the manual... its seem it can only focus above 10cm
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sry twice the same post due to lag :/
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