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Default How risky to get the international warranty?


I am considering a Dimage 7Hi and find that the
int'l warranty versions are quite a bit less money
thatn the US. I live in the US.

Have any of you any advice or experience on

I would rather not have to drive to Japan from
Boston, the Passat will protest.

thanks ......... Jim
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I am not sure how broadly you can apply my experience, but here it is. I bought a 7i with a one year international warranty last July while I was in the U$A. I live most of the time in Bangkok, Thailand and returned here in August. I was very happy with my 7i, since I knew its limitations before I bought it, except that the battery life was even lower than most people reported. Most puzzling was that the batteries seemed to die when I left them in the camera several days even though the camera was turned off.

I was in the resort community of Hua Hin in November and was really putting the camera through its paces when it suddenly died. That day I had taken about 40-50 pictures, leaving it turned on for periods of time in excess of 15 minutes several times. I started to take another picture and the EV was dark. I looked and the data panel and LCD screens were also dead. I thought the batteries had died, but when I put new batteries in only two things happened the lens seemed to refocus once and the CF card access light came on, and stayed on. The batteries soon died. The camera was completely dead.

Upon returning to Bangkok I took the camera to the local Minolta authorized camera service center expecting them to honor my international warranty - Wrong! They would only honor the warranties of cameras sold within the Asian region. No matter how I appealed to them to check with Minolta, etc. all I met was a blank wall of, "Sorry, only warranty service for cameras within our region." I tried the Minolta web sites to ask for assistance my self. The only one in English was the U$A one. All I got from my first e-mail to them was a form letter saying that I should call a U$A service department for information. Subsequent e-mails were ignored.

Unfortunately I will be returning to the U$A for four months starting in mid Feb. At least I will have a chance to get the camera fixed at a U$A authorized service center during that time.

Is the international warranty any good? I don't know but so far my experience isn't a good one.
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Hope this help:

B&H extend their warranty to 'import/gray', they even say so in their catalog... their prices are just not the lowest.

If you bought the camera in a duty free shop while traveling, the international warranty will be honored in the States provided you attach the receipt (Minolta USA will need the copy of the receipt of the authorized store).
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