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snsaw Dec 21, 2002 7:59 PM

How to save in *.jpg for 7Hi
Recently, my camera started saving the picture files in *.jpe format, this is not compatible with some online albums like and yahoo photos. Could someone please teach me how to change the settings on the camera to get back the *.jpg setting?

Thanks for reading this message.

Si Nan

rsrock Dec 21, 2002 11:13 PM

You can get the file names to have "jpg" as the extension. To do this, the embed color profile option must be turned off. This can be done in the menus on the custom tab when the camera is in "SETUP" mode. See the image below (URL for image is pointing at Steve's review of the 7Hi.

My image database has the same issue. I deal with the JPE issue by renaming all of the image files using a utility that does bulk file renaming. This is an extra step that I am willing to live with for now--for my work I need to have the embedded color profile (screen and prints to look best this way).


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