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Mark Jun 30, 2002 3:36 PM

I got an S404!
I got a Dimage S404 ( hard to find or what). A cinch to use, if picture quality matches ease of use I will be as happy as a pig in s***!

Rocketjsql Jul 2, 2002 10:54 AM

Dimage 404 Problems?
:( My initial experience with the Dimage 404 was not good. I picked one up at Ritz Camera for $499 and took it home, set it up, took about 10 pictures, and then went to my son's house to take some more. NO display - it turned to grey - no more view at all. The camera worked, but you couldn't set anything. I returned it to Ritz, MBG, which was fine, but now feel nervous about the product. Ritz now tells me that Minolta has a "new serial number series" for the cameras they just received, and these are supposed to be improved and not have this problem. Anyone else know about this?

valsvet Aug 24, 2002 12:18 PM

I'm having a very bad time with my S404.
Bought on May 27. used for about a month wih no problems at all. Then all of a sudden LCD and Viewfinder died. I called their support and they said to send the camera for repair. I did. In about 3 weeks got it back. It worked at first (for 10 min)but when I changed the flash card it gave me "Card Error", I inserted the old card back - same problem. Then all of a sudden LCD and viewfinder - all grey.
I believe there is a fundamental flow with the certain serial numbers and feel I will try to get a replacement or my money back.
Please respond.


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