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DWalley Jul 16, 2002 9:04 PM

IBM Microdrive
Well I have decided to buy the Minolta 7i. I also want the Remote to go with it. Now to find the best place to bu it from, hmmm. The question I have is this I called today and got a price on the Camera from Infinity Cameras. They have both USA and non USA cameras. One was 799.00 and the non was 719.00. Well then I asked about Microdrive and he told me not to buy it because he has heard complaints on them. I dont know which way to go. I really only need about 340 or 512 and he was trying to sell me a CF over the MD. He said it would be faster tranfer for me. Also is the Atec Pro II a firewire device because I have an internal card for firewire? What is the best and least expensive move?

NHL Jul 16, 2002 9:28 PM


799.99 is good price if you can get it...

The first thing you'll hear about the microdrive is it not as reliable as CF flash (and I'll agree totally), but I have use it for almost a year and almost at the extreme conditions without any problem (I just ordered my second one), and waiting for it to crash like people has been telling each other !!!

What you'll find out is because it's so large the 1G requires a while to download, and that's why I bought a MindStor for this purpose. This device has both USB and Firewire, plus I can use it for backing-up/downloading my microdrives during week long vacation or on location shooting (that's why I bought my second microdrive, one for downloading while the other is used for shooting)

The Atec can be upgraded to Firewire, but I don't have experience with one yet... I would buy the 512 because it's a newer design, but for the price (<$240) I'll get the 1G, it's sure is great not to have to worry about running out of film, and also you might need the larger capacity with the 10Mp camera upgrade...

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sjms Jul 17, 2002 12:36 AM

yep, if your gonna take the leap. get the most bang for the buck. your half way there with the D7i.
at $240 1 gb is the way.
cost per mb is the best.
NHL know the rest on it. i tend to beat things a little so at this point i'm into no moving parts. i'm thinking about it though.

NHL Jul 17, 2002 5:22 AM


Remember that Big Blue are no dummy, they designed this device fully knowing it'll go into portable application (ditto for Zip and Jaz) so I'm sure they have tested them for theses conditions, you're not #1 for nothing. Beside I have abused my D7/Microdrive

Like most HD disk now, the head is propably park when stopped, and it might take more time to spin-up (the only deficiency with the microdrives), but the worst time is when the disk is reading/writing and if you drop the disk at this time... would you worry more about your camera surviving or the microdrive ?

Read the specs...
o Operating: 0.67 to 1G
o Non-operating: 3.01G to 5G
It's your money folk... I'm still waiting for my drive to go belly up... but I'm expecting that from any of my PC, that's why I do back-up (also using another HD). Fear is also a good marketing tool for pushing expensive wares...

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and here's the killer:
o Operating 175G (2ms)
o Non-operating 1500G (1ms)

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It's faster than the fastest CF (except for startups), and it can survive multiple G's -> There must be a lot of scarry tactics out there... (or lots of people suing IBM which we don't know about)

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monsieurms Jul 21, 2002 3:40 PM

I took Microdrive 1 gig on a rough and ready trip to New Mexico. Zero problems. I bought a second one too. I heard they are coming out with a 2.5 gig. I can't wait.

NHL Jul 21, 2002 4:23 PM

Also on an interesting note yesteday @ CompUSA:

A guy there try to buy a microdrive for his Compaq iPad because his E_mail attachments are overflowing his CF cards!!! They charged him $350 (intead of $249 @ Ritz...) He should have read this forum!!!

DWalley Jul 21, 2002 5:34 PM

I ordered my 7i today!!!!!!!!
Well I bit the bullet and ordered it today. I will ordering a 256 CF card tommorrow as well. I got the Transcend 256. It will server my purpose for a week or two. I want to see if the larger Microdrives come out soon so I can get the 1 gig cheaper. This Flash is about 100.00. Not too bad.

NHL Jul 21, 2002 6:23 PM

Excellent choice, you'll find that's it an excellent camera with many more features than any else on the market today... The 256M card is also a wise decision, if all else it can serve as backup for your next microdrive!

Good Luck with the new toy...

DWalley Jul 21, 2002 6:39 PM

Well I have looked at all the other 5.0 meg cameras and I couldnt beat the price. It has all the extras. I hope it does a good job for me. I may even sell my SLR if it does what I hope it will.

monsieurms Jul 21, 2002 6:49 PM

I haven't touched my SLR since I went digital. I use the photos anyway on my computer SO much more!

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