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recca Dec 6, 2003 5:53 PM

image stablization
Just a question, the minolta A1 has I.S. but it's inside of the camera body while the Panasonic fz-10 has I.S. but it's inside the optics. I haven't really tried either but I was wondering which IS would peform better. Would the A1's I.S peform better or would the Panasonic one?

How well does the A1 IS peform for night shots?


sjms Dec 6, 2003 6:11 PM

it's 2 different methods aiming at the same objective. you can say i have both due to the IS lenses i have for the 1Ds and an A1. both work well when you understand when they do work and what the limits are. both work better at longer focal lengths. having it doesn't mean you can shoot real slow and get a focused shot all the time. it is an augmentation system to help steady a shot. it can make for some weird backrounds though.

note the circular points in the backround

it can take up to 0.5s to engage so be tracking the object you want to get.

i can't say really that there is much of a difference in the results. that can either be attributed to both systems working well or my incredibly steady hand :lol:

if you've used an SLR in the past, the A1 will feel more natural in its operation too. also there are other advantages over the other camera you are comparing it to also.

recca Dec 6, 2003 6:55 PM

i see
"both work well when you understand when they do work and what the limits are"

Can you elaborate a little more on this? I actually like to know a little more about the differences if there are any within the two systems of I.S.

How usable is the A1's I.S feature when shooting a night scene at a wide angle. I understand that it can't take the place of a tripod but sometimes you just don't have a tripod on you.

sjms Dec 6, 2003 7:07 PM

they say the limit is 1/50th i can get down to 1/20th most of the time. i use a tripod.

since you understand that a tripod is the answer then you should understand mine you take the shot and you take your chances. anything moving will show movement anything stationary has a better chance of being in focus as long as its within the DOF at that apeture which will be relatively shallow at f2.8

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