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dougsmit Mar 25, 2003 7:25 PM

Improving flash results with the 7i
Being disappointed with results with the built in flash on my 7i, I bought a 3600HS(D) flash. Straight out of the box, this improved results but I found a couple tricks I'd like to share and solicit suggestions from those more experienced.

Unhappy with the harsh look of direct flash, I tried ceiling bounce. While this worked, real improvement :idea: came when I added a piece of white foam (craft store) to direct some light onto the subject and cast a small shadow behind. I offer a small sample:

Close up use was impared by lack of a way to point the flash down onto the close subject. :idea: The immediate answer was to put the flash part way into a bubble wrap bag. This made a bright and diffuse soft light. Again I have a sample shot at a Garden show:

In case all this is not clear, these pictures might help:

I am still unhappy with results in vertical format and need find a way to place the light above the camera in vertical orientation. I would like to avoid having to buy the very expensive adapter and cable Minolta sells for the purpose so I may be using the wireless mode and a home made bracket. I would enjoy hearing any suggestions from those who have addressed this problem.

Binji7 Mar 25, 2003 7:52 PM

Use wireless and a tripod for the flash. I have done this for bounce with macros and it really works well.

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