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About 8 months ago we bought the Konica-Minolta G530 and have been extremely happy with the picture quality, speed and overall feel of this camera. Unfortuately, the camera has broken down twice already, and currently is in for repair once again. I am curious if I just happened to have purchased a "lemon" or if this camera is basically just a problem child.

The first time the camera broke down, the lens jammed in a half-open position. We sent the camera for repair via the place we purchased it from, and got it back in working condition with no explanations of what was done to fix it. Yesterday, the camera just went dead while I was trying to take a photo. It closed itself up as if the battery was about empty. But refused to come to life again when a newly charged battery was inserted. Instead, the camera became very warm to the touch after sitting in a closed position with the charged battery inserted, indicating some sort of electronic problem.

I am extremely curious as to why K-M has changed the design and the model of this G series camera so rapidly and so extremely, where there is just about no resemblance between the G530 and the newer G600 series. This makes me suspect that I bought a camera that was discovered to be designed poorly!

Anyone have similar experiences? Or can anyone enlighten me somehow about this camera?

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I've got a Konica Revio KD-510z (a.k.a., Minolta DiMAGE G500), that has been used and abused quite a bit since I got it in July 2003.

Mine still functions just fine. But, others have not been as lucky.

QC is not the best with these smaller models, and (knock on wood), mine appears to have been made "just right".

Konica changed the body and lens design beginning with the KD-420z (a.k.a., Minolta G400), and I don't know how it's realibility compares. Your G530 more closely matches the G400 (lens, body size, sensor size).

Consumers want smaller and smaller cameras, and I guess design tolerances can be a factor. It sounds like you just got lemon. It happens with cameras from any manufacturer.

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Thanks for the reply!

Since I started this thread, the following has happened: sent the camera to repair for the second time (dead even with a fully charged battery), but then received it back in working condition with only the remark that that camera was ok and nothing was done. Hmmm.

Two weeks later same happened. Camera shut itself off, and after charging the battery nothing would happen, dead camera. I sent it back again but this time got it back with an explanation that the power unit was exchanged. So now I am hoping the problem had been found and solved.

The person who sold us the camera, who runs an online camera sales shop, actually gave us a second battery for the camera, produced by a different company than KM, but made for KM cameras. This battery is the same shape and size and voltage, but the ampere rating is 900 instead of the 840 or thereabouts that the original camera battery states. So I am suspecting maybe this battery is too powerful and may have had something to do with the problems we have had. Needless to say, we will not use this second source battery again.

Like I said, my wife and I are extremely happy with this G530 regarding its speed, usability and picture quality. It is an excellant camera! However, I have no trust in the robustness of the camera. The way the camera is opened and closed just does not seem to be something that is built to last more than about a year or so.

Neither am I actually happy that companies like KM have found it necessary to radically change the shape and style of their camera models so quickly. If what they designed was well designed and well thought out, then it should have some staying power on the market. It also means that reserve parts will be difficult to find after some years.

In the meantime I started searching for a second camera for the family, one that was a step above this 3x zoom model, and I finally decided to go for it and bought the Nikon D50 DSLR. I am very happy with it. But I am also very happy with the G530 as a second camera.

Steve, Denmark
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STI STI the I have had the previous to your 530 model older Konica Kd500 similar to the G 600 and no problems great results,I had also the Konica KD 510 again similar to the G 600 it had lens stuck errors twice and the sliding lens cover scratched the body very badly, and then the G 500 that had a problem with the lens error and again terrible sc ratching by the movement of the sliding cover, do you have this lens cover problem ?, saying that they all worked very well nice photos , so its not just your newer but similar model that has problems , Canon have lots of complaints look on there forums for ERROR 18 with many of there models almost a legend it seems stuck lenses, thousands it seems .
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