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call fuji and try to get an answer out of them. nowhere do they state buffer size. the imager no matter how you look at it is a 3MP or 3M sensor. that will creat initally a smaller RAW image. then after that their little pixel data coupling tech borrows info from other adjoining pixels. pretty slick but heavy duty interpolation to get up to 6MP equivalent.

"3.1-megapixel Super CCD interpolates to produce 2,832 x 2,128-pixel images" quote from img res review.

"Nothing comes for free, though, and the way Pixel Data Coupling works is that resolution is traded for noise - each pixel in the final image is the result of light gathered from 4 pixels-worth of information from the imager ." quoted from image resource. so in short it is a 3 MP/S camera with a supercharger attached to it. lots of post processing there.

hopefully fuji will finally answer me next week. their tech support was rather stumped by that question. i will continue with this.

now as far as faster. a 7Hi will zoom faster just by the virtue it is manually operated like a slr twist an your there. it is more precise also for the same reason. no push button motor operated zoom here. the AF system i won't quote on but the 7Hi works better in low light better than some dslrs. the 2 stage system on the fuji relys on 2 seperate systems sounds complex. the shutter lag on a 7Hi is about 20% less the 602- 0.64 vs 0.80 which is strange since the 602 is a faster AF camera in normal light.

look it's a nice camera its design is quite good. it does a whole lot for a 3MP/S camera at a real good price point. but stating it a 6MP is stretching the marketing limits .

the 602 will not give you a RAW file like the S2 and the 7Hi will.

after going over the test specs they both have their high and low points fuji in large fine is 4 shots in the 7Hi its 6-7 shots.

we can go for hours with this in the long run again they are both fine cameras. there are more issue but in the long run i made my choice you have to make yours.

the 7Hi by virtue of giving you RAW file to work with gives you exactly what the lens/imager combination saw. no interpolation at all the you make the choice of what you want to turn it into.
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