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Hi guys,

I am intrested to buy either the KD-510Z or the G500, I got better price on the KD-510Z here in sweden and I wonder if there is any difference at all between them ?

I´ve read that there is exactly the same camera or ?

What memory should I go for ? I have got best price on Sandisk Securedigital 512mb, what is your expert advise guys ?

I really need your expertise here, I really appriciate it.

Best Regards

[email protected]
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The Konica KD-510z and Minolta G500 are identical except for the brand and model number.

I would strongly advise you to avoid Sandisk Secure Digital Media in these models. Konica-Minolta shows Panasonic and Toshiba SD cards through 256mb in size as tested. In 512mb size, only Panasonic Secure Digital Cards are tested as compatible.

Konica-Minolta used to approve Sandisk Secure Digital Cards through 128mb (with specific warnings that the 256mb Sandisk SD could cause camera malfunctions with errors). But, they have now removed all Sandisk Secure Digital Cards, in all sizes from the list of tested cards for these models.

I would stick with either Panasonic or Simpletech Secure Digital Cards in either 256mb or 512mb size. These arerated at 10mb/second. Note that Simpletech uses the same components asPanasonic in these sizes.

I would recommend avoiding most other brands. Panasonic, Sandisk and Toshiba jointly developed Secure Digital Media, so many other Secure Digital manufacturers are using Sandisk Components.

BTW, if you upgrade the firmware to version 3.38, you can use Memory Stick Pro cards, too (these are not supported with the factory firmware).

Here is the link to download the latest firmware (it's version 3.38 for both the KD-510z and G500). You'll still need to download the correct one for the model you get (since the model numbers and firmware names are different).


Send me a PM if you decide to get one of these models, and I'll send you some tips on setting up the camera (customizing menus, etc.). I've owned a KD-510z since mid-July 2003. I got one about two weeks after it starting shippingin Japan.
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This is the best reply I ever read .. thanks alot. I will order the 510z the first thing tomorrow. I would be so greatful for your advises and tips for this camera, settings etc.

And also your reply about the memories, thanks alot, that really helped me alot !!

I will go for Panasonic or Simpletech Secure Digital Cards in 256mb or512mb size, if that is not a wrong choice.

If you have time, drop me an email .. [email protected]

Thanks again Jim !

Best regards Niclas
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