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bacs57 Mar 29, 2006 10:53 AM

For a KM A200;

1. does the KM DiMage A200 support FAT 32 and all CF card capacities?

2. does the A200 exploit the full x133 CF card speeds?

3. is therei any limit on CF card size or effective read/write speeds?

4. where can I get a comparison of read-write speeds for the A200 for different CF cards?

Thanks in advance,


E.T Mar 29, 2006 1:39 PM

1: I don't have one to check but it should support those.

2: No, maximum writing speed seems to be about 1MB/s but different cards work at different speed together with camera.

3: Even original 12 years old CF standard supports capacities up to 137GB, current standard supports speeds up to 66MB/s... interface is complete ATA interface used in computers which went to 133MB/s but then timing of signals/crosstalk in long cables become problem, in CF that limit shouldn't become ahead as fast because there isn't any long cables.

4: in Dpreview forums. There's wasn't much comparisons of A200's writing speeds because for enthusiasts it is too much "point&shoothesized"/stripped to be comparable to its predecessors... If I remember right Kingston Elite worked quite well in it unlike in A1 and A2.
"Sam Earch" seems to be on vacation currently so try again later if it doesn't work now. (use words: "A200" "RAW" "writing" "time")

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