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I've received two Konica Minolta A200's from the same vendor that have the same problem -- when set to auto white balance, it works OK in daylight, but seems to stay at the daylight setting under tungsten illumination. I can manually white balance under tungsten or any other type of light. It seems like the auto setting doesn't do much of anything unless you're outdoors during the day. Has anyone heard of a problem like this?
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it is not really a problem - just KM A200 is in trouble in indoor situations @ auto mode. Just use WB Presets or set manual WB
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Most cameras have problems with auto white-balance in artificial lighting. Perhaps that is why they include specific settings for those situations. The reviews at Imaging-resource.com show with samples the effectiveness of auto-white balance in a controlled test situation that is the same for every camera.

Fortunately, the A200 makes it easy to select alternate white balance settings, easier than many cameras.
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Soneone was just having the same situation with a 5D, as well. I think it depends on illumination levels, as well as whether there is anything in the scene which the camera can recognize as neutral colored. I'm curious as to which exposure mode you were using, as well. I am guessing, from what I have seen with the K-M cameras, as well as others, that the auto WB works better with the auto exposure setting, and less well with manual or priority exposure, though I am not quite sure why.

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Thanks for the replies. Just to follow up, I've tried the AWB in all shooting modes and seen the same problem whenever tungsten lighting was involved. I've also tried AWB under plain old room tungsten lighting and on an auditorium stage with plenty of 3200k -- same thing both ways. The AWB just does not seem to respond correctly to tungsten lighting. Using the camera's white balance presets, or manually white balance under tungsten, and the camera is just fine.

I called the KM guys in New Jersey and the rep had no explanation or ideas, other than to send it to them so they could look it over.

My previous digital camera, a Kodak point 'n shoot, seemed to handle AWB under tungsten lighting without a problem.

It's not that changing the white balance to a preset is any big deal -- as noted, this is quick and easy to do on the A200 -- it's just that if the camera has an auto white balance capability, it seems like it ought to work correctly under room lighting.
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I had the best results from the "flash" wb preset when shooting indoors with a flash.
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I've also noticed that the A200 doesn't do well with auto WB under tungsten lighting, so I don't think this is a defect in your unit. My Canon A80 does only a slightly better job, though, so I think this is a common problem. If you really want your colors spot on, set WB manually, or use the presets as people said.

Another things I've noticed since I started shooting with the A200 is that a lot of people are now putting these energy-saving flourescent lights into thier household lighting where you'd expect tungsten bulbs. This really throws off the white balance. Just something to keep an eye out for.
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