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Default Konica KD-410Z and "system error ff7b"


anybody seen the error : system error ff7b
on a Konica KD-410Z ??

Nothing worked anymore untill I replaced the SD card.

Some 100 foto's of my sons wedding cannot be retreived.

Any help is appreciated beit with software hardware or any other means ( jackhammer ?) to get the foto's

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Hello Wil:
Error FF7b is a card check error, due to a corrupt card.
the card could have been static zapped or physically damaged.
Recovery might be possible through professional means.
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What brand/size of memory card are you using?

There are 3 manufacturers of Secure Digital Media: Sandisk, Toshiba, and Panasonic. If you are using a different manufacturer's card (Lexar, etc.) , you're really just using one from these manufacturers that's been "rebranded".

In 128mb or smaller sizes, cards manufactured by Pansonic, Toshiba, or Sandisk are compatible.

In 256mb size, only card made by Toshiba and Panasonic are compatible (Sandisk Cards are NOT compatible in sizes larger than 128mb). You risk file corruption, format errors, slow startup times, etc.

In 512mb size, ONLY cards made by Panasonic are compatible.

Pansonic's 256mb and 512mb Secure Digital Cards are DRAMATICALLY faster than those made by Sandisk. Sandisk cards larger than 128mb will not function reliably in any Konica Model (KD-310z, KD-400z, KD-500Z, KD-510z/Minolta G500, KD-420z/Minolta G400).

To be safe, only use cards made by Panasonic. BTW, some of the Simpletech and Lexar Cards also appear to be rebranded Panasonic.

Simpletech's 256mb and 512mb Cards are also rated at 10mb/second.

See this link for compatibility info (it's in Japanese, but you can still tell what cards will work);


I've got a warning about it on my Konica pbase.com album at http://www.pbase.com/jcockfield/konica_kd510z
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Default Type of SD card

The SD card I used was a 256 MB Transcend card.

Fortunately, I could recover the foto's on the card (at least 47 of them).
I had another camera (HP850 inclusive dockingstation) which let me mount the card as a drive (although I could not turn the camera on).

From there I could use the Digital Image Recovery tool (DIR) to retreive the foto's.

The 47th foto was instead of 2.xx MB 167 Mb in size.
I think, the problem might be that I closed the camera too soon.

Normally it takes some time to write the foto to the SD card. Maybe by closing it too soon, it just lost track of the image

After this I formatted the card and used it again during an long holiday in Brazil. Used it intensively and no problems did occur.
(i had an X-drive to copy the foto's to every day)

I will look into the brand, whether it is Sandisk or maybe another

Kind Regards and thanks for the helpful info.

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