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Unit-7285 Jan 13, 2006 9:37 PM

If you've been wondering whether Ebay's worth the risk, this is my successful story.

The KM 3600HS (D) flashgun costs an arm and a leg in the UK, often as much as GBP180-185 plus shipping (eg Jessops, Digital Direct, Amazon UK). Considering several of this flashgun's major features are not implemented on my A200 (eg AF assistance, wireless flash) it's pretty poor value.

I took the plunge and bought a new one on eBay using 'Buy Now' for £88 plus £15 shipping plus £2 insurance, a total of £105. The seller was in Hong Kong, with excellent feedback (more than 400), and the transaction went perfectly with the flashgun turning up in about 14 days (inc Christmas). That's a huge saving, and makes the 3600 much better value for money.

Some people are unlucky with imports, because they may be randomly intercepted by Customs and taxed (import tax and VAT), but even if this happened it would still be cheaper. And getting repairs or replacement if it goes wrong will probably be difficult. But for a saving of over £80 I can live with that. No problems so far, touch wood. I'm pleased with its performance, too - good results without any fiddling around.

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