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keithrmanning Jan 16, 2004 4:42 PM

Lag problems with Dimage xt
I love the Dimage X. My family had three Xs and now we have two Xs and two Xts. So, we are comitted! Problem is we are getting more shutter lag on the Xt than on the X. The reviews say the Xt is faster. We are seeing about 1 second lag on the Xt with no flash and about 3 (yes three) seconds lag on both Xt with flash on. (With the X we get about the same lag with flash on or off.)

At first I thought it must be some new option on the Xt that was causing the problem. But I have tried switching off all the new options (like auto preview) and the lag is just the same.

Anyone got any ideas? Is the Xt lag with flash slower than the X? Or am I doing something wrong? Or did I get two dud Xts?


JimC Jan 19, 2004 9:51 PM

Do you mean autofocus lag time (time it takes between pressing the shutter button and the camera focusing and taking the picture), or cycle time (time between photos)?

These are two different things. The time between photos is normally referred to as cycle time.

The tests I've seen show that the cameras should be about the same with autofocus lag. However, cycle time is slightly longer on the Xt (runs around 2 seconds on the X, and around 2.65 seconds on the Xt). This is most likely because the image sizes are larger on the Xt, taking more time to write to the memory card.

Flash recycle times may lengthen these times (because the flash needs time to recharge). Flash recharge time is probably dependent on distance to subject. This is because the flash should "throttle down" at closer ranges, so recharge time is faster.

Also, ISO speed selected by the camera can impact flash recharge times. At higher ISO speeds, less flash strength is needed for the same subject, so recharge times may be faster.

keithrmanning Jan 19, 2004 10:16 PM


I was talking of the autofocus lag. (Cycle time is not an issue for me or the other users of the X/Xt.) That's why I thought it might be a new feature of the Xt that was making it slower than the X. But I have tried all the settings and it is still slow when using flash. I can't see why the Xt would take more time to focus than the X - but only when using flash. Since the difference is so noticeable I can't understand why it is not metioned in any review. (that's why I wondered if I had a strange setting or a bad camera - but when we got a second Xt that shows the same lag, the possiblity of a bad camera seems very low).

JimC Jan 19, 2004 11:29 PM

Autofocus Lag times I've seen measured seem to be similiar with both models.

I'm wondering if it's because you're using flash, or it's because the light level is lower, so it takes the camera longer to correctly focus.

I have not used either one. It could be that the older DiMAGE X is happy with an approximate focus in lower light. Yet, the newer Xt is looking for a more precise focus in lower light, taking longer.

I'd try out a demo camera in a store, to see if it works the same as your two.

bobky Jan 20, 2004 9:02 AM

I have an Xt and do not have a lag problem. I'd estimate that the lag with flash is about one second. Good luck,bob

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