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Default Which lens to buy??? Help me

Hey guys i am new here ! This site has so much informations!
i just bought a new Minolta 7i. and i am thinking to get a wide angle lens. but i am no familiar with all these things. i am thinking of getting the Crystal Optics 0.5x Pro AF Digital Optics Wide Angle f/52mm or maybe Titanium .5x Wide Angle Lens - 52mm. The thing is i dont know if these lenses are going to fit on my 7i . Help me .
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Default 49mm is what u need or step up rings

If u buy the 52mm ones they won't fit unless u buy a 49mm to 52mm step-up ring. For wide angle shots you may wan't to go and get 62mm ones and get a 49mm to 62mm.......
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Thanks for you reply !! So does it mean if i get 62mm wide angle lens i still need to get a 49mm to 62mm ring? Is there any wide angle lenses i can get without using ring or soemthing? somethign just screw on and fit on the minolta 7i perfectly
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The Crystal Optics or 'Titanium' Wide angle lenses are not very good. They will vignette badly, and will be as bad as just the 28mm alone.
see: http://webpages.charter.net/bbiggers...on_lenses.html
for which lenses seem to work. The page is incomplete, but is a good start.
The best wide angle lens for the Dimage 7xx seems to be the Olympus A28 or possibly the Olympys WCON-08B (both 0.8x - should give you about a 21mm field of view)
The best telephoto lenses for the Dimage 7xx are the Olympus A200 1.5x (inexpensive), the Olympus B300 1.7x (hard to find and expensive) and the Olympus TCON-300 3x (extremely expensive and will need a holder custom made to hold it and the Dimage in the right positions relative to each other.)
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I was recently unfortunate enough to get a Titanium Optics wide angle lens... it's horrible. The image is cut away to a 1/2 image size circle, and the only way of escaping that is to zoom in, which removes the point of habing a wide angle lens in the first place. The circular image is also distorted almost like a fish-eye lens, and is out of focus around the corners as well. In addition, the wideangle lens will not focus at all without a Macro lens attached first. The Macro lens (also a Titanium opitcs piece) once again blurs anything outside the exact centre of the image, and unless used at full tele in macro mode (where it is so blurry as to be useless anyway) give no additional macro capability to the 7i.
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The optics on Titanium lenses is just that.........titanium. Do yourself a favor and buy a REAL optical lens from Olympus or Cannon.........or Minolta. Titanium lenses look like they have been smeared with vasoline compared to a quality optical lens.
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