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d-sr Feb 9, 2006 12:06 PM

I'm looking for a good low light camera with a fast continous shot mode.
My Panasonic camera will take and record about 35 frames - 4MP every 20 sec. but it's not verygood in low light. I really don't want to replace it, but would like to get another camera to go with it for the low light stuff. Fuji has several with ISO of 800 & 1600 that take great photos, but they are unacceptably slow in continous mode, about 5 frames in the same 20 sec.
Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks, Don

juandelacruz Feb 10, 2006 3:12 PM


I have a Dimage Z3 and in continuous mode I can shoot at 3 to 4 frames per second (30 every 10 seconds) , in proressive mode even more. I think that what you are asking ( rapid shot at low light -with no flash?) is hard to find since the shutter speed is dependent on the lighting condition. If it is dark you cannot expect the shutter to be fast unless you set it to manual where maybe you will get a dark picture. I do not know if there is a camera sensitive enough to have a decent shutter speed at low light condition.

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