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balagopalks May 9, 2006 6:23 AM

I am having a Konica Minolta KD400z about an year old and have taken some 500 pictures in it. My problem is that currently some horizontal lines are occouring in the LCD display and also in the capturing images. Also colours are not appering correctly. some time only green or red colours are displayed. and some times the top part of the screen is tinted in red colour and the bottom part in green color. This appears in the photos also. I have tried resetting all settings, still no change. Do you have any ideas to solve this ? Doers a firmware upgrade solve this issue? I have never updated the firmware of my camera. But have updated firmware of my different mobile phones.

Any one plz advice. Thanking you in advance.


JimC May 9, 2006 10:16 AM

It's probably a bad CCD or supporting component.

But, it could also be a bad battery or memory card.

If you've got spares, try them (making sure the battery is fully charged). I'd also clean the contacts on your battery and memory card to make sure a touch of oxidation isn't causing a bad connection. Make sure to use all buttons in case one is sticking or making a partial connection.

A firmware update wouldn't solve this kind of issue (although there is a firmware update available from the Konica-Minolta Japan Web site that was not released in most countries).

There is also some hidden reset menus designed to reset everything in the camera. But, you don't want to use those unless you run out of other options (and it doesn't sound like a reset would help anything).

Try a different battery and memory card first (or at least clean the contacts). Slide the tiny lock/unlock switch on the memory cards back and forth to make sure they're making a good connection, too.

JimC May 9, 2006 10:31 AM

Again, make sure to try a different battery and memory card first. A defective memory card can cause very strange symptoms with these cameras from time to time.

AFTER you try that, if you still want to try a factory reset, there is a way.

Make sure to try this at your own risk.

There are two different reset menu choices under a hidden service menu. One clears everything (even the shutter actuations, date camera first used, etc.), and it probably clears out anything from EEPROM that is not supposed to be there.

The KD-400z probably uses the same combination of keys to get to it's service menu that the newer KD-510z (Minolta G500) uses. If not, I don't know where you could find the keystrokes (unless you know someone that worked for Konica in the digital camera service area).

This works on the newer KD-510z:

Open the cover to turn the camera on.

Press and hold menu button (standard menu will appear in the display)

Press and hold shutter button

(at this point, both the menu button and shutter button are still held down)

Then (while continuing to hold the menu button and shutter button down throughout the sequence below):

2xTELE (press right zoom button twice)
1xWIDE (press left zoom button once)
(a blue information screen appears here)
TRASH (press trashcan icon button once)
PLAY (press upper left button on back of camera)
2xTELE (press right zoom button twice)
1xWIDE (press left zoom button once)

The service menu will appear (you can release the shutter button and menu button now).

If you scroll through the choices (more than one page of them), you'll find the reset choices. But, be careful that you DO NOT go into any of the AF calibration menus. One of them will start a calibration of the Autofocus with no further warning. If you don't have a test target setup at the correct distance to the camera, it will mess up your Autofocus (it will be virtually unusable).

So, I'd suggest avoiding most of the menus there (even though they look tempting).

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