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gtwilson Aug 29, 2002 8:33 AM

manual focus
I just purchased a dimage 7i and the fear of breaking something on it is still very question--does the camera have to be in manual mode before turning the lens barrel or can it be in AF while I turn the lens? Also, my photos are not as clear when I use manual instead of AF--perhaps my eyesight is at fault? Thanks for any replies.

NHL Aug 29, 2002 8:51 AM

No, you do not have to be in manual focus mode to use the focusing ring. After the camera has locked on AF, you can overide it by turning the focusing ring (DMF symbol in the EVF will lit up). When the DMF is active you can also activate the 4x magnification button to zoom-in on the detail that you want to manually focus on, and re-adjust accordingly... When you press the shutter, the camera will automatically revert back and take a full frame picture!

BTW if you don't release the shutter button fully (1/2 depressed) the next shot(s) will hold the Direct Manual Focusing overide setting as well... Also this focusing ring is digitized so you can't break it, and it's also speed sensitive (ie it varies with how fast or how slow you rotate the ring)

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abredon Aug 30, 2002 5:56 PM

Getting MF right
If you look at a sharp line when focusing, the line will alias (go jagged) when it is in focus. I find that this often allows me to focus by reducing blur until the line suddenly stops looking smooth. At that point the line is in focus.
Once you have learned to identify this change, you can notice the same effect on other surfaces.

NHL Aug 30, 2002 9:28 PM

One really needs to activate the 4x for manual focus... The pixels in the EVF sometime does not have enough resolution unless the subject is enlarged, but you're right at focusing on sharp edges or lines.

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