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I am currently in the market for a new digital camera. I currently own a Sony S75 Cybershot, so I'd like something that would match or beat it's performance.

The DiMage Z2 has caught my eye because of it's price, features, and it's 10x optical zoom. I also like it's 30fps movie recording at 640x480 resolution. So far it looks like my number one choice.

I do have some concerns after reading several reviews and message forums. I have heard of problems with audio/video sync - this could be a problem for me because I am very much into automobiles and would do lots of recording. I have also heard that some feel that the camera feels as if it were made out of cheap toy plastic. Can anyone shed any light on this? My current Sony feels very rigid and well built. I've also heard that the Z2 can be damaged rather easily (the LCD and viewfinder in particular) if it is dropped. If the Z2 can't live through a few knocks then I don't think it'd be the camera for me.

If any Z2 owners can give their opinions on the camera I'd appreciate it very much. I consider myself an advanced user so I think that this camera would suit my needs and be very cost effective... I am a bit concerned about the possible problems I previously discussed, though.

- Steve
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My Z1 (same thing) has been down the stairs twice and gets lugged to work 6 days week so I can take it out in the rain/salty atmosphere by the sea whee I live - it has survived just fine.

The body is plenty strong enough and of a shape that is eay to hold + to support and steady the 10x zoom.

Has more options/features than most people will ever use - gives me endless hours of fun.

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I can probably help you out better than anyone, since my previous camera was an S70. I've had my Z2 since Father's Day, and I'm still clueless as to how people think it feels like a toy... Maybe if my previous camera was a huge SLR, but coming off a consumer camera, it feels the same.

Thankfully, I've only dropped mine once, and only about a foot onto carpet. But Tik says his has gone down stairs twice, and I can easily believe it. As for the switchfinder, It seems like a break-now-or-never type of deal. I think it'll either crap out very early in the life of the camera, while still under warranty, or it'll last almost forever. I almost always keep mine set to LCD though, 'cause I rarely use the EVF unless I need the camera pressed against my eye for extra stability.

So, in all, I definitely recommend the Z2, though, if you can wait a couple more months, the Z3 is coming out soon, and it drops the SVGA video (which was crap at 15fps anyway) in favor of silent zoom, 'cause you can definitely hear the zoom motor in the videos. I haven't used mine for video much, but I've not noticed an audio lag, but it could just be me not noticing... Not best-case scenario, but something like that can always be cleaned up after the fact.

Good luck on your purchase!
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Thanks for the replies, they are both very helpful.

I have read a bit about the upcoming Z3 and I think I will go ahead and wait for it to come out. If it's in my price range I'd probably opt for it over a Z2. If not then I'm sure it's release would drive the Z2 prices down a bit more.
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