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mhnr Jul 15, 2002 1:22 AM

maxuum lenses
while on a visit to sams club they had a minolta 5.2 digital slr in their case I asked the person in chage and he said that the price was $999 and that the camera was great and that it took all his old maxuum lenses!! Is this true or was he like the typical retail person who knows not what he speaks. Thanks.

padeye Jul 15, 2002 3:10 AM

I'd day he was full of it. Minolta does make a DLSR that takes the Vectis APS lenses, certainly not Maxxum lenses, but it's 2.7 megapixel. The only 5.2mp camera is the Dimage 7. The 7i has the same resolution but is labeled 5.0mp which is more accurate. Neither camera takes interchangable lenses and they are not SLRs despite the viewfinder. That woudn't be a bad price for a 7i but it sounds like a 7 and that is too much to pay. I like my Dimage 7 but paid $327 less than Sam's last December.

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