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Hi Everyone! This is my first post to y'all. Hope everyone is having a good day!

Anyway, here is my problem. My husband decided to buy me a Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 camera for Christmas (got it early though) as I was finding my little 2.0 mega pixel Kodak not doing enough for me. :-) I of course started taking pictures with it and learning the different things it was capable of doing.

Christmas morning it decides to act up! :-( No Christmas pics for me. It completely froze and made this awful ringing sound. The ONLY way I could turn the camera off (nothing else would work) was to take the batteries out. I had already fallen in loive with this camera and I was bound determined to make it work. I tried and tried, but it kept up.

So, I ended up taking it back to that store and buying it at another one. I was taking awesome pictures with #2. Everything is all hunky dory. Then this weekend the telephoto (or is it called zoom?) stopped working. I can take up close pictures, movies, etc. It is just when I try to take a picture farther away and bring it closer. I KNOW this camera is capable as I had been taking pictures just like it since Christmas time.

I even had my friend who owns a Z1 look at it. We spent all day trying to figure it out and couldn't. It almost sounds like the machinism inside is not moving up to where it should, but I am not sure. All I know is my camera is arguing with me and my friends camera, which is almost half the mega pixels, takes much better pics than my baby! :-(

Dumb dumb me remembered to turn in the warranty card for #1 camera, but not #2. So, I am stuck. Do I pay for the repairs? Is there something I can do at home? Or should I count my loses and go buy a totally different camera?

I really like this one when it is working. I don't want to just give up on it, but if others think it is not worth it, then I will look elsewhere. I just thought since you guys seem to know what is what, you might have some thoughts for my situation.


I appreciate all help I can get!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

P.S. I should say that I CAN zoom into a subject, but it is all out of focus and will not take a half way decent picture. I used to be able to take clear excellent pictures. I hadn't changed any of the things in the menu at that time. When we were trying to figure out if maybe things DID need to change, we tried a ton of different things. We even tried putting it back to the "reset default".

Okay, I THINK that is all that might help you to figure it out.

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This forum is usually more helpful than you seem to have found it - it guess that by now you've sorted your problem - perhaps you could let us know what transpired.

The warranty card is a nicety not a necessity. Your rights in law are that if you have a faulty camera then your beef is with the vendor who sold it to you, not the manufacturer - you will probably need some proof of purchase eg a receipt.

I hope that everything turns out ok.

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