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Us 5 Camp Jun 30, 2003 1:24 PM

Microdrive vs. Compact Flash? Confused
I plan to buy a Minolta 7i or 7Hi. I would like to buy a 1G flash card (or should I get two 512's?).

Anyway, I am confused about whether to purchase a compact flash from Lexar (or ?) OR whether to get the IBM Microdrive.

I am not too concerned about ruggedness, as I plan to leave the card in the camera as much as possible.

My MAIN CONCERN is having a card that doesn't slow the camera down when writing to the card (taking pictures).

Given the current state today, what's the preferred technology and if not the IBM, then who's compact flash?

Also, best services for ordering this media?


tracepac Jul 1, 2003 9:19 AM

Both storage media are excellent. The major difference is that the micro drive is literally a hard drive with moving parts that require energy to drive. ie: The IBM Microdrive is an added drain on your batteries. Economics also come into play as you need to compare the prices on CF cards and the microdrive as well as the various card sizes, two 512mb cards can be more economical than the 1 gb card. You do need to look for high speed CF cards most cards offered for the lower prices are not.

Us 5 Camp Jul 1, 2003 3:53 PM

Okay, which brand in 512 or 1G CF cards
Any specific bands recommended (or recommend staying away from) for the 7hi in 512M or 1G CF cards?

How about best sources for the cards?

Recommended card reader? Necessary?

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