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jcarboski Oct 6, 2002 9:03 PM

Minolta 7 hi dark outside pictures.
I bought the Minolta 7 hi camera last week and i read on here that the minolta 7i outside pictures were dark. Well i must admit after taking a bunch today outside at a county fair on automatic mode they came out dark as well. I also used a polarizer on a few to see if it was the sun being took bright but they actully were much darker with the polarizer on. I also reset the camera like the gentlemen in this forum suggested but there was no change. I was well aware this might happen because the camera is very simliar to the 7i , but i had'nt actully taken any outside daytime pictures because i was to busy at work untill this weekend to try it. Any help would be great:) I have owned three oylmpus digitals and a sony and on automatic mode, the pictures are always perfect like there suppose to be. I come away scratching my head on this one. Peace. Chris Carr

sjms Oct 6, 2002 9:31 PM

could you post a image and copy the exif data below it so a determination can be made as to what occured?

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