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Default Minolta 7hi, A1, or what?

I'm currently looking to start making brochures for my company. A few years ago I was looking to start this up but 9/11 hit and everything got put on hold. Now, we are back to the getting this off the ground. Before I was looking at the Minolta 5MP and was also told about the FujiPix 6900. For some reason I feel that Minolta might be the better choice. I notice that the 7hi, which is consided the workhorse for DSLRs. How does the new A1 compare?

I will mostly be taking still shots of our products. Studio type setting. Also I notice that you can get constant lighting or a studio flash set-up are there advantages of either? I'll post on lighting area also

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From what you are describing, it sounds like you are headed into professional product shots. While cameras like the Minolta D7 series and new A1 are nice cameras, they do not compare in image quality to what a real dSLR can provide.

I suggest you take a look at the Canon 10D/1Ds, the Nikon D100/D1/D2, the Fuji S2 or even the Kodak 14N.

The larger CCD size of these cameras produces considerably better images than the pint sized CCD's in the D7/A1 cameras.

Another very big advantage to the real dSLR's, is a true optical through the lens viewfinder, interchangeable lenses and the ability to have complete control over the camera at all times.

I own both a Minolta D7 and a Fuji S2 and all I can say is the my S2 images blow the D7 images away.

I use my S2 for studio shooting mainly and the D7 is a nice vacation camera. Although I do take my S2 with me when I travel, I take it when I want to get the best possible images (such as visiting Angkok Wat), but when I head out to the beach for the day, I take my D7.

For lighting, I prefer studio flash, because I shoot mainly models. Studio strobes put out a lot of light, so it is quite easy to shoot at a small aperature at the lowest ISO setting.

Hot lights (or constant lights as you call them) are, yep, hot. Also, if you want a lot of light you will need many many watts of light.

One advantage of digital is the ability to take a shot and view the results now. So if you don't like the exposure or lighting, you can change the setup and reshoot immediately. In the past, photographers used to use polaroids for this.

Some people will say the advantage of hot lights, is the ability to see the light (shadows, highlights, etc.), but most studio stobes also have builting modeling lights, and the modeling lights will vary in intensity with the strobe intensity setting. So personally I see no advantage to hot lights, except for video work.

Hope that helps a little.

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