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ajoyprabhu Oct 13, 2002 7:49 PM

Minolta 7i Freezing! HELP!!
Hi guys,

Just bought this camera and I have noticed that EACH time I change a setting in the "setup" menu, the NEXT time I power up, it crashes!

I have firmware 1.10u.

I was wondering if I am doing something worng??!!



NHL Oct 13, 2002 7:55 PM

What does the camera do when it "crashes"?

Is the battery fully charged? It need more juice in the camera mode than in the setup mode... ie does the camera turn-on and go kaput?

ajoyprabhu Oct 13, 2002 7:58 PM

I jsut tried BRAND new batteries!

Seems like EACH time I cahnge anything int he setup menu and then restart the camera, it works for say, 2 secodns and then freezes the display...whatever it was displaying at the time!



sjms Oct 14, 2002 12:15 AM

brand new batteries? new alkaline or nimh?

if there ne nimh they must be charged

Don Oct 15, 2002 4:31 AM

7i freezing up
:? I have never had the problem you describe but I had a simular problem myself last night. I was trying to determine the correct exposure for my 7i with a set of SP "portable" studio stobe lights. Unfortunately the battery in my flash meter was shot so I had to do it by trial-and-error. I was in full manual exposure mode, set at 1/2000 sec. with the on-camera flash set at 1/16 power so that it would fire the strobes in slave mode.

Lacking any better model I was using myself and shooting the pictures using the self timer. A number of times, seemingly at random, I set the camera for self timer then when I pushed the shutter button the camera would immediately fire and then freeze up. The lcd display on top the camera was showing only part of the display information, mostly that on the lower right corner. The battery power display was gone, the shutter speed and aperature values at the top of the display were gone, and I think the qual ramp was missing. The only solution seemed to be to turn the camera off, then back on. Fresh NiMH batteries didn't help at all.

I finally decided that this might be happening if I pressed the shutter button soon after seting the camera to self timer and started waiting till the light on the camera top lcd display went out before pressing the shutter button and the problem seemed to go away.


Binji7 Oct 27, 2002 7:45 PM

Hi Don,
New user here and had the same problem. But I found the error in my ways. If you look close, you'll see that INTERVAL picture taking and TIMER have almost the same icon, but not quite the same. I selected interval by mistake and that is what fires the camera at once when the shutter is pressed........

Give it a try, feel like a jerk (just like I did LOL) and have comfort in knowing others have done the same thing!!!!

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