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andrewz Aug 12, 2003 7:13 PM

minolta 7i picture troubles
when i take pictures outside the sky always ends up horribly overexposed...What settings should i change to prevent this from happening? here is an example of what happens.

sorry im a newbie when it comes to photography

amazingthailand Aug 12, 2003 7:46 PM

Welcome to the world of digital. Unlike film, digital does not have the dynamic range to be able to cope with a bright sky and the objects on the ground you are trying to photograph. By exposing for the ground subjects, the sky comes out overexposed.

One solution may be to use a polarizing filter, when you can. Others may have additional suggestions.


sjms Aug 12, 2003 7:56 PM

if your outside the 5 stop "bandwidth" of digital thats it. you can shoot RAW and then attempt to pull it back in using a RAW converter and adjust a bit but then you would have to make a choice which is more important your blown out sky or what you were shooting. depending on how far out it was you may have some room to play in PS. RAW is very cool if you learn how to shoot with it. it will give you a certain level of latitude. its almost like reshooting on the screen at different Fstops.

your shot is well exposed so you might want to just shoot at a different angle. shooting in the concrete canyons of NYC is a lighting challenge in itself at times. film might have been a little more forgiving but that upper rt corner could have given it a hard time too. the white wash on the brick. a lot of stuff going on there

go out into central park and shoot in the fields . you'll see the sky show up there. shoot in the trees and you'll blow out the sky. i still carry a hand held meter.

KCan Aug 12, 2003 8:03 PM

Yeah ... our eyes are the only most advanced camera we can find :)

You can also spot metering your area of interest because the camera canít make a perfect exposure of all the scene that has to much difference in luminance
You can also use a graduated filter , to darken the upper portion of the photo ( those Cokin filters) Ö

sjms Aug 12, 2003 8:08 PM

i have the singh ray galen rowell filterset fot the p holders lots of money lots of images saved by them.

Alan T Aug 12, 2003 8:12 PM

Re: minolta 7i picture troubles

Originally Posted by andrewz
when i take pictures outside the sky always ends up horribly overexposed...What settings should i change to prevent this from happening?

Set the camera to take 3 or 5 bracketed exposures in rapid succession. Experiment to see if you need +/= 0.3, 0.7, or 1 stop.

Use the least unacceptable of these images, or if you can be bothered, use your computer image editor to combine the sky of one shot with the rest of another.

Alternatively, if you know from experience that the highlights are going to be overexposed, turn the exposure down by half a stop or more. To my eye, absent shadow detail is almost always better than burnt-out highlights.

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