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cristianomc May 7, 2004 2:29 PM

Hi everybody! Well, I'm from Brazil and satrt to read about digicams about 2 months ago, trying to decide which camera to buy. I have almost decided to go with Minolta Dimage A1. But I'm still in doubts...

I want a camera to take photos of action, airplanes in flight, and also landscapes, portraits, indoors and some night shots also... like you thought, I'd like a very capable and versatible camera and maybe it still don''t exist!

What is realy geting me crazy is the amount of noise on A1 pictures. It's the best in terms of functions but I don't like to post process my pictures at all. I saw too many pics and maybe not the ones I should had!

I'd like to ask to A1 owners if it's correct, if A1 pics are realy bad in terms of noise (without post processing). I like the smoothness of the picture, I like the standart of the Minolta pics.

I take some pics with an Canon Poweshot A60 and they looks very good: little noise, good color reproduction, etc...but the lack of a focus ring and functions is not a good idea for me... Also saw the pics af a Canon Digital Rebel that are amazing but I don't want to take a cam that need extra lens, etc. But, should I compare the A1 pics with Canon Digital Rebel? Should I make used to the idea of extra lens on my pocket?

A1 or A2? And about the focusing problems of A2? Sony F828? Will Minolta introduce still this year a pseudo-SLR (A3?) with a CMOS sensor to kill the noise? Better lens? Should I go Panasonic with those incredible Leica lens? Digital Rebel?

As you are seeing I'm realy confused and would like advices of both, inexperienced and experienced photographers... please, help me!

ps: I found a good price on A1 at . Does anyone knows if this store is reliable? Will my cam realy come to Brazil, brand new (no refurb)?

Thank you all!

Albertdebruijn May 10, 2004 1:34 AM

Lots of questions here. I have the DiMAGE 7i which shares many specs withA1 (the 7i is 2 models earlier).

I shoot mostly sports, night shots and landscapes and I feel the camera is perfect for all of that. The only complaint I have is the noise level at 400 and 800 ASA speeds. I simply avoid that by shooting everythingat 100 (and very occasionally at 200). With that I get excellent results and nice sharp, crisp photos without noise.

cristianomc May 20, 2004 5:13 PM

Comparing the A1 and A2 (extra $100) with Digital Rebel....what you think about it? Prices are closer but to get the choice is being dificult!


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