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Default Minolta A1 with Nikon FC-E9 Fisheye

Hi A1 owners,

I list a number of high quality converters for the A1 in a previous post: http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...ic.php?t=17609 Some of you were interested in the A1 plus Nikon Fisheye FC-E9 combo and asked for sample images. Unfortunately, we did not have any good weather day for a long time and will likely continue this trend. So, I took some images around my office. The Nikon Fisheye FC-E9 has a 46mm thread while the A1 has a 49mm one. Thus, a 49-46mm step-down ring is needed. Moreover, one must zoom in to about 35mm for the image circle to touch the top or bottom edge. Due the sensor alignment, the image circle may not be exactly at the center. Note also that the A1 frequently failed to focus in all AF modes when the lens is zoomed in to obtain a full frame fisheye image. Even manual focus was not successful. So, it is likely that the A1 plus Nikon FC-E9 can only be used in circular mode. The angle of view of this FC-E9 is slightly larger than 180 degree.

The following images were taken without sharpening and white balance present. Then, they were resized and sharped. The first image was taken at the same location. The first one shows the effort to minimize radial line distortion, while the second shows the distortion because the camera was shifted to the left slightly.

The following one shows a 180 coverage. The edge of the table almost parallel the lower semi-circular edge of the image circle.

This one is taken in my temporary office, shooting straight upward.

This is my computer.

The following image shows the 100% crop of the center and the right edge of the image circle. Keep in mind that the image was not sharpened. After some sharpening, the center portion is reasonably sharp. The edge portion shows some green and purpose chromatic aberration, which is commonly seen in fisheye lenses. This Nikon FC-E9 controls this chromatic aberration quite well, indeed, and is better than most if not all front-mount fisheye lens for digital cameras.

That is all for now. When weather will be getting better, I will post more images.

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 User Guide
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