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Old Mar 9, 2007, 9:53 AM   #11
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Hello. I took my minolta with defective ccd to my local sony support center (in argentina) and they refused tofix it with no charge adducing that the deadline for the free ccd repair period had passed. Does anybody konw if this is correct? For what i've read sony usa is still reapiring cameras. thanks a lot for any information.
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Old Mar 9, 2007, 4:55 PM   #12
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Sony USA is still fixing them.

I sent mine in about 3 weeks ago for the CCD problem. They fixed it and I just got it back on Tuesday.
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Old Mar 13, 2007, 2:40 PM   #13
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I believe that the expiration for the replacement offer is October of this year (2007). Perhaps try calling in your problem to support (unless I mis-understood you and you did)?

I finally sent mine in. It's being worked on now.

Out of curiosity, are people satisfied with the new sensors? Any substantial difference in terms of image quality compared to the old ones?
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Old Apr 22, 2007, 5:59 AM   #14
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Minolta's service agent in the UK is JP Service Soultions (Photopia),based in Staffordshire.

When I contacted the about the CCD problem on my A1they said in would take 6 - 8 weeks, perhaps more.

I sent the camera to them and it came back in less than a week.

CCD renewed, general check and test, camera cleaned up, all working fine, just like new again.

What super service, all free.

Well done JPS
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Old Apr 29, 2007, 4:19 PM   #15
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Hi Guys,
Let me first thank all of you and this forum for giving hope for my A1 repair. I purchased my Minolta DimageA1 in australia in 2005. after 13 months my camera statrted giving strange yellowish pictures and later on the viewfinder turned black. Rest is same problem mentioned in attached quote. I couldn't take pictures, long shutter delay . Once I showed the camera to a mechanic and he told me that he would charge 300 AUD. Last year Jan I moved to US. After that I never used my A1 neither I got it repaired.

Just today When I visited this forum while browsing google gave me hope if I can get my camera repaired under CCD recall?
Can you guys tell me whether its possible to repair it now???? I know I sound like a fool as I am too late......
Is there any deadline for this recall?
I heard sony is repairing minolta products, is it possible SONY USA can repair minolta bought in Australia under CCD recall after almost two years????
is there in way i should approach sony? any number??

Please help....

LONGLEAF 2613 wrote:
After not using my A1 for a couple of months when i next used it i had the following problem.......
Picture view mode is fine but when I switch to 'picture take' mode the LCD screen is black, as is the viewfinder screen. When I press theshutter there is a long delay before I hear the shutter sound. It's as if I'm taking a picture without flash in the pitch black. When I switch back to picture view mode it shows that I've taken a 'black' picture. All the display details are as normal.I have checked all settings and changed the compact flash card and the battery . Is this a ccd problem and if so is it covered by the recall which i no so many people have had.

I really hope someone can help as i would hate to lose my A1 and the Sony H5 that i also have is nowhere as good as my Minolta
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Old May 3, 2007, 3:05 PM   #16
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Thank goodness for these forums! I started having the CCD problem on my A1 along with some othe weird problems sometime in the last 6 months, but noticed it getting worse lately. I was about to junk it or pay for a repair and I saw the info on the recall for my A1.

I called Sony today and they were very curteous. They indicated that the defective CCD will be a free repair and even offered a prepaid UPS label. They indicated a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks from receipt.

I really love this camera and I wasn't looking forward to paying for a repair or replacement.

Thanks for doing the right thing Sony!
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Old Oct 4, 2007, 6:06 AM   #17
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I have a Minolta Dimage A1 - when taking it out of it's box this morning it will not focus on anything, just a blur in the view finder. I have read that there has been problems with this camera. Mine is about 3 or 4 years old.

Have you any suggestions as you seem to have had the same problems.

Bill Simpson

Warwickshire .UK
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Old Oct 5, 2007, 1:14 AM   #18
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You need to contact Sony support via links posted. In the US, due to a class action lawsuit, there is a new deadline on repairs. I don't have info on the UK. Perhaps someone else will provide that knowledge.

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Old Oct 24, 2007, 3:03 PM   #19
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Hi Longleaf,

Glad to hear of your success, particularly since I now apear to experiencing same problem. It seems that problem is caused by CCd sensor. Anyone able to supply contact details to initiate epairs in UK please? Andis there any magic formula to ensure repair is carried out free of charge?

Thanks in anticipation.

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