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awikenheiser Feb 14, 2004 4:34 PM

minolta a2 cost
Hi everyone,
I just checked out the specs for the minolta a2, and it looks like a beast of a camera. I'm looking to upgrade, and have long admired the a1. This new a2, however, has really got me thinking. Does anyone know the aproximate pricetag it will have here in the us? Also, anyone have a prediction about how the a2's release will affect the a1's price? Thanks a lot for any info.

slipe Feb 14, 2004 4:54 PM

Based on previous models I don’t think the A1 price will drop that much more. It is already lower than you could ever get the D7Hi for when it was in production. My guess is that it won’t drop that much below the current $600.

I think the A2 will likely start out at around $1000 for the best price online and drop after “the first kids on the block” have theirs and stock is unlimited.

I like to wait for some competent reviews anyway. The feature that appeals as much as the 8Mp is the 900k+ EVF. The A1 is as high as any I have seen at around 235k, so it has the potential of being really nice if they aren’t just messing with the translation of the numbers from LCD.

awikenheiser Feb 14, 2004 5:07 PM

Yeah, I agree about waiting for the reviews. I'm not looking to rush out and buy it as soon as it's in stores anyways. I was just curious whether or not the price would be so prohibitive that I may as well just rule it out right away. Thanks for the info.

slipe Feb 14, 2004 5:27 PM

The price will probably go through the same evolution as the A1 with increased competition in 8Mp. By the time it is down to the current price of the A1 there will be an A3 about to be released with a 10X zoom or something. You can sit on your hands forever and never get a new camera if you play that game too much.

I bought the D7i at a premium price and took it to a reunion. Got some great pictures I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and never regretted buying high. I would wait for reviews and for the A2 to come down a little though. Noise is still a big question in everyone’s mind. Minolta has traditionally not filtered out the noise internally as much as some others and the sensor is the same size as the A1. Evidently the A2 has gone back from the 14bit processing on the A1 to 12 bit like the D7 series. Not sure what that means in terms of noise and performance. The raw files will have less color depth I would think. With Photoshop 8 now working directly with raw files and able to do more with higher bit rates it could be a little significant.

The A1 is a dynamite camera for $600. I personally don’t think anything comes close as a general-purpose camera that is currently available.

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