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i can get a Dimage A2 at £300 is this a better than the s7000 ... not the cut down a200

get back soon
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It depends a lot on what you want. I have actually had both the 7000 and the A200 recently (wanted 30fps video so this limited them)

I initially went for the 7000 as the A200 was out of my price range. Was very impressed with it, but it kept locking up with the microdrive (and a different microdrive) and there were compression artifacts of varying degrees visible in all modes (but not that you would see on a print I suspect).

Anyway - changed it for an A200 and to me the A200 was definitely better in terms of image quality, the stabiliser (which make a tremendous difference at zoom), the manual zoom, the wide angle it has and the relatively long range macro which I prefer. It does have a weaker flash though, its video mode has a sound synclag (on mine). However, I did also get quite a few bad focus shots.

I then had that one replaced with another A200 and have had no bad focus shots with this one. What I find is it struggles to focus indoors in low light but does get there eventually ( in my case). I have takenquite a fewoutdoor night shots (illuminated streets and churches) with no trouble. But, it does seem that in some conditions, or maybe some builds do have problems. I don't take landscape shots for example.

So for me, A200 image quality is better (no artifacts mainly -resolution is similar), the IS is great and wide angle is great. But videos not so good. The review zoom is good too, so if there is an out of focus it can be seen pretty easily. I'm sticking with the A200 even with its idiosyncratic features.

The 7000 is a nice camera though, fanatastic flash range and I suspect if I hadn't had the crashing problem, I may have stuck with it. The artifacts put me off though on very tight cropping otherwise it takes nice pictures too.

I'm afraid there's no substitue for trying them both out though, I would hate you to buy just on advice- its probably subjective in the end. If you go with the A200, may be worth clarifying with the shop first how it would deal with focus issues in terms of exchanges based on some of the feedback here.


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