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wongpix May 21, 2004 2:46 AM

Hi, I'm getting into wedding photography and for a number of reasons am deciding between the KonicaMinolta DiMage A2 and the Canon EOS Digital Rebel kit w/ lens and extra battery. The Minolta has 7x optical zoom and anti-shake. The Canon has an optical viewfinder and extra battery. For the time being I'll only be using the on-board flash and no accessories. Anyone with knowledge of both who can recommend either one? Thanks.

RobDickinson May 21, 2004 6:03 AM

I have an A2, whilst its a lovely camera I think you'd be nutz to go for it for wedding photography.

Zoom isnt what you want for weddings I believe.

You'll want decent wide angle for group shots.

And 50mmish (?) for portrait shots.

If your serious then the dSLR is the only way IMO, and get a wide angle prime and a portrait prime (whatever focal lenght you find you use).

Much faster raw shooting, focusing etc. Assuming your shooting raw, which you should be.

Only advantage in the A2 is the xtra megapixels may allow larger prints - and its cheaper.

Also think you'll need a decent flash too.

Realy depends on if your doing favours or doing it for cash. If your getting paid I'd expect you to turn up with all the kit you need to get the job done, not a prosumer camera with no flash. Were talking weddings, people will get very upset if you miss the shots.

NHL May 21, 2004 7:38 AM

IMO it's possible with the A2:

1. The WA is as wide as the Digital Rebel (with the 1.6x cropping factor on a 17mm) @ 28mm equivalent... and you need at least two lenses on the DR to cover the same range as the A2 without having to swap lenses and loosing valuable time.

2. The internal flashes on both camera are too weak for any wedding, so you'll need an external flash either way: The A2 has ADI for Advance Distance Integration whereas the DR flash still has the older E-TTL (with a downloadable hack for flash compensation) which ignore the distance info. If you've been reading the Canon Forum this flash system has a weakness for overly bright and dark scenes such as subjects wearing wedding dresses or tuxedos...

3. At ~3fps in RAW the A2 is plenty fast! If you're shooting faster than this a) you're not composing properly, b) your flash need to be on HV pack, and c) you would have melted your strobe unit anyway...

You just don't "look" that professional with a non-dSLR that's all, but hey it's at least professional black and not consumerized silver. :-)

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