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Default Minolta Dimage D7i new for me and questions

hi all,

many moons ago i bought a D7i and loved it, but being spoiled (my wife is really cool) i decided i just had to have the D60 DSLR........i sold my 7i and regretted it ever since........DSLR world is fun, but very expensive and quite the learning curve, not to mention all the bulk one carries around.
as of last year i gave all my DSLR gear to my son who enjoys photography.

myself however, well i decided to go hunting for the 7i.
luck had it in that i was able to acquire 3 in perfect condition with all 3 having firmware versions 1.00u, 1.10u and 1.11u.
haven't noticed anything different.

last week i was looking for more dimage gear and came on another Buy It Now auction for a 7i for $20.00...........pictures show perfect condition, but it was listed as working condition "unknown".......i figured it was worth the risk.
turns out that this camera works, and looks to have never been used.
exposures are dead on...........flash exposures are dead on as well, but with an occasional grossly overexposed shot. not sure why.
i did a reset to no avail. current firmware is 1.00u.

searching for firmware i only found the 1.11e on the Konica Minolta euro site.
not sure if it will work.

if anyone here has the US version of 1.10u or 1.11u, i'd be happy to pay you for your time to send it to me.

the firmware may not fix the issue, but i figure it's worth a try.

i really love the 7i and am glad i was lucky to find a few copies to enjoy.
it's by far the easiest camera to use, and so much less work than my DSLR's.

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Hi, Mike;
I have a D7hi, which is so very similar, but not compatible as far as f/w. My guess, though is that the occasional overexposure is cause by a sticking shutter. If the camera hadn't been used for a time prior to you getting it, it may correct itself with enough use. Then again, it could quit entirely.
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hi Brian,
you called it my friend......i was checking into the camera some more today and realized that lens would not open up beyond f/3.5............after shooting for a while it just quit altogether leaving a sound like something was running but not able to process..........had to open the battery door to get it to stop. the shutter is now open.

i have another 7i that was said to be in good working order but produces image with a heavy reddish tint, but everything else is in perfect order............so i am going to make one good camera out of the 2.

i have 3 7i's now that work like they are suppose to, so maybe i'll end up with a 4th too.

really like this series.

also looking at buying either an A2 or A200..........not sure which is better tho.
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