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Old Jul 6, 2004, 7:40 AM   #1
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Alright, I bought this camera a little over a year ago and it has not made me happy since then. The main two gripes are the auto focus never gets it right and the start up time takes way too long. I miss a lot of great photo opportunities because of it.

Now that aside, the camera has finally decided to stop cooporating with me. Everything works except the image on the LCD will NOT come into focus, manually or automatically. The auto focus system cannot detect anything to fucos on either because of this. Has anyone encountered, or heard about this problem?

I know that fixing a digital camera costs about the same as a new digitial camera and I do not like this camera enough to pop another $200 on it to get it working again.

Thanks for the help and I really appreciate it!!!
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It seems like a mechanical lens problem , or the CCD got out of the right position . Did you drop it lately?
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Old Jul 7, 2004, 7:33 AM   #3
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Did not drop it. Just started to misbehave on its own. I tinkered with it (knowing that these thing cost about $200 to get the littlest things fixed on them) yesterday and noticed the inner lens was not coming out like it should. It was staying back like a frightened turtle.

I took her apart...GASP! :O

I got the cover off and said forget it. I could not access the lens mechanism so I put her back together. I accepted the fact I need to send it out for repairs.

But wait!!!....

I put the battery back in and the freaking thing works now!!!! :-)

Luck...that is all I can say.

Still, this camera works too slow for my tastes. May just give this to my girlfriend and buy a new one when the right one comes along.

Thanks everyone (although only one person replied :-))
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Old Oct 16, 2004, 6:14 AM   #4
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so sad to hear that 'bout ur F100, i never had problems with my minolta f100 since i got it around last year. has been functioning well and has met my expectations on a compact camera. i hope something can be done with it. regards....
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