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davygee Jan 6, 2004 10:07 AM

Minolta E323 or Pentax 230???
I'm deciding what first digicam to buy and have come to the conclusion that it will be either the;

Minolta E323 or Pentax 230

I can get the Pentax 230 for 99 and the Minolta E323 for 130.

I know the advantages to both cameras; ie.

1. Lower price tag
2. Cheaper memory cards (Compact flash)
3. Manual Focus and other manual features.

1. 3MP than 2 in the Pentax
2. Its only 30 for the 3MP than 2MP
3. New model...thus more up to date and will hopefully last longer.

Well anyway...does anyone have any advice for me?


Nagasaki Jan 7, 2004 10:23 AM

I was faced with a similar choice and have just ordered the E323.

My thinking was do I go for the extra features I'd use rarely if ever or go for the higher resolution which I'll use on every shot.

Hopefully when I start to use the camera I won't miss the manual features.

davygee Jan 8, 2004 4:15 AM

Well, I made my decision, seeing that I am a frist time Digicam buyer and cost means a lot also...i decided to go with the Pentax Optio decision behind this lies down to the following:

The Pentax was only costing 99.99 whereas the Minolta was 129.90...although it seemed to be only another 30 for the extra was the other various features that the Pentax has, that the Minolta doesn't.

The Pentax has a manual focus control and having tested works really well, there is also a wide array of other features like black & white and sepia (even although you could do this to your shot once its been transferred onto your computer. Another thing is, that it uses Compact Flash cards...which although are slower than Secure Digital cards but do cost considerably less.

Another function is the ability to record the data in TIFF format which is extremely large is memory size (ie. 5Mb approx), but allows for better quality than JPEG format.

I hope I won't regret the missing Megapixel, but all in all, I think I personally will have made the correct decision.

One other thing, I'm thnking about getting a larger Compact Flash card for use with the camera...should I go out and get one large 128Mb card or 2x64Mb cards even though it will cost me more money for the 2 separate cards...but somepeople say it is better to have more smallers cards than less larger cards.

Can anyone help me out here.


Nagasaki Jan 8, 2004 4:53 AM

I'm personally tending towards the 128Mb card. On the other hand a friend has had a problem with a corrupt card and losing all photos on the card and he recommends more smaller cards.

I currently use a Nikon film SLR and will continue to do so. This is why features such as manual control are less important to me on my digital camera. I only plan to use digital where I want the convienience of the small size and point and shoot.

Where this my only camera I would probably have gone for the Canon A70 but at 209 this was more than I wanted to pay.

davygee Jan 8, 2004 5:47 AM

Yes, everyone seems to be going on about the Canon A60 & A70, but they do seem to be quite considerably more expensive than other 2 and 3MP cameras in the range.

The Minolta E323 was the best priced 3MP 3xOptical Zoom camera, as it comes in around 130, personally, I don't think that the pricing of cameras like the Canon and Sony indicate a better product in the end.

You've got a little cracker with the Minolta E323 and the sample images on this site show off exactly how good the camera is.

I was going to buy a 128mb Sandisk, but have read reviews about the lack of speed etc...and am now thinking about getting a lexar 128mb instead.

Nagasaki Jan 8, 2004 8:43 AM

The things I liked the look of on the Canon A60 and A70 were the degree of control (manual focusing and manual exposure if you want to use them) and the fact that you can attach supplemental lenses.

In the end I decided I didn't want to run to the price of the A70 and I wanted a 3Mp camera. I decided EV adjustment and focus lock would have to do. It was a judgement call on the type of photography I expect to do with this camera and whether it was worth losing resolution for features. This camera will basically be replacing a 35mm zoom compact with no scene selection or exposure overrides and that's never been a problem.

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