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boomguy Dec 30, 2003 7:18 PM

Minolta F or G series?
I am new to the digital arena but am a long time minolta user and would like my first digi cam to be Minolta. Here is my question, I have looked at and researched the Minolta F200,F300, G500, and the G400, although the last camera is proving a little more difficult to research since no one has really reviewed it yet. You can tell by my choices I would like to have a pocket camera with a solid manual mode. Being able to create tiff or raw files would be good but the G series cameras I don't think do that. The lenses I believe are all very similar and quite good. Alot of users complain of the focusing system but is this true of both series? Battery life seems to be an issue with digi cams, this I think I am not used to seeing as how I change mine in my X700 once every four years or so.
Any thoughts would be appreciated and recomondations very helpful,
Thanks Chris :?

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